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Team member Plan

The App:

$100 for month one (which includes a $65 activation fee + first month’s subscription of $35). Then it is $35 for every subsequent month thereafter.

The App:

  • 200+ Pre-made workout plans
  • 1,000+ workout videos ; yoga, HIIT, dance, core, cycling, and more
  • Video on Demand
  • Holistic well-being and mindfulness videos; meditation, sleep, nature sounds, etc.
  • Create virtual groups and communities where we engage members with fresh content and health challenges
  • Food, calorie, and nutrition tracking and planning

The Opportunity:

  • The one-time activation fee ($100), which includes first month’s subscription, + $35 per month thereafter includes:
    •Your own website where you can direct people to sign up for our service to become a Team Member of My Total Wellness.
    •All the features of Basic and Pro, offering you a $15 per month savings
    •A monthly subscription to pinkOX, a value of $24.95 per month
    •This leads to a total savings of $39.95 per month

More detailed Explanation:

We believe wellness starts with a question. How would the person I wish to be act today? For those who have chosen to care for their health and well-being, we are here to serve you. To guide you in becoming your true, most authentic selves.

Online Resource 

This is a health and wellness online resource. Therefore, you have the opportunity to join as a Team Member with a one-time activation fee, and a nominal monthly fee, that will provide you, as a Team Member, your own My Total Wellness website that you will be able to refer people to sign up for our service. In this way you will earn commissions and prizes. No selling, just refer and they will sell themselves.

pinkOX is a software tool that allows the user to add interactivity to videos via “Shoppable Content” links embedded in the video. You can overlay a button on a video, which when clicked will send a viewer to your My Total Wellness Website allowing them to easily join. You can send videos in emails or post them on social media and other online resources, which ensures the credit goes to you. Remember, this tool is at no additional cost to you. See for more info.

Detailed info about the App


  • Track your workouts and see your plans, progress, and statistics in your personalized dashboard
  • Choose from one of our 200+ pre-made workout plans for at home or in the gym
  • 1,000+ individual exercises to guide you with a particular workout, or to be added to your workout plan
  • Video on Demand: offers individual, daily workouts with fitness experts ranging from 5 mins to 60 mins; strength, yoga, HIIT, dance, core, cycling, meditation, and more
  • Hundreds of one-off challenges to choose from (e.g., pull-upchallenge, walking challenge, weight loss challenge, etc.)
  • Hundreds of holistic well-being and mindfulness videos to assist with meditation, sleep and self-reflection.
  • Access to online groups and virtual communities where members can engage one another in health challenges
  • Apple Health App integration: Sync workouts from other fitness and wellness apps and devices in the Apple Health App, so My Total Wellness and other apps can use this data.
  • Access to online groups and virtual communities where members can engage one another in health challenges
  • Intuitive food, calorie, macro and nutrition tracking along with barcode scanner, recipes, and nutrition guides


  • Track your nutrition: get a free personalized nutrition plan by answering a few questions about your lifestyle and goals.
    • We have diet plans for multiple goals. You can select your own diet plan (low carb, high protein, low calorie, whatever you want), and we can provide you with your personal diet plan. There are several diet plans to choose from:
      • Durable
      • High Protein Diet
      • Low Carb Diet
      • Muscle Building Diet
      • Athlete
      • Cardio
      • After Weight Loss Diet
      • Custom: select your own percentages of carbs, proteins, and fats
  • Build out your very own meal plans.
  • Food Database Validated by Expert Nutritionists: quickly scan barcodes, and it’ll instantly search our database that is linked to several official food databases. These food databases are updated on a regular basis.
  • Track your weight and other body metrics (more than a calorie counter: keep an eye on those carbs, proteins, fats, and micronutrients).
  • Set reminders for meal intake, and even get suggestions for how you can burn those calories (e.g., a 15-min walk, 11-min bike ride, etc.).

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